Hand Block Printing

Block Making
  • Selecting and seasoning wooden blocks

  • Sanding and smoothening one face of the wooden block by rubbing it over a large flat stone

  • Transferring the design from paper to wooden block, one block for every colour in the design

  • Hand carving the wooden block

  • Creating air vents in the wooden block

  • Attaching the handle

  • Soaking the wooden block in oil.
Preparing the colour tray
  • Layering the trampoline with different fabrics to achieve the right amount of colour pickup by the block

Hand Block Printing
  • Stretch the fabric on the printing table and pin it down in place so that the warp and weft remain straight and at right angles

  • Use the wooden block to gently pick up colour from the wooden tray and stamp it on the cloth at the right place.

  • Continue picking up colour and stamping ensuring that the same amount of colour is picked up every time and it is stamped on the cloth with the same pressure

  • As one impression is placed next to the other the alignment and orientation must remain the same over the entire area of the cloth. This requires a lot of attention and consistency.