Mala Pradeep Sinha

BODHI is located in Vadodara- Gujarat, India and was established by Mala in the year 1983 almost 3 years after she graduated from the National Institute of Design - Ahmedabad, India.

The impetus to start Bodhi was the lack of job opportunities for designers in India in the early eighties when design as a career was just being established and the graduates from the first few batches from the National Institute of Design were trying to find their feet in the marketplace. Most of them in those times turned to entrepreneurship to make a living. Mala too started to hand screen print table mats and napkins on a small makeshift printing table.

In the initial years, the lack of resources, both money and facilities made us look for frugal solutions and so, over the years the frugal habit has taken firm roots.

Experimentation has been the key to frugality as well as in exploring the world of textile dye chemistry, from the simplest method of pigment printing to the complex sometimes unpredictable world of discharge printing.

By early 2000 Bodhi had become a fairly large workshop employing over 40 craftsmen for both hand screen printing as well as hand block printing full time and over 50 women embroiderers who worked from home. 

But we soon realized that to sustain this production capacity we had become completely dependent on a single large buyer and were being taken advantage of.

Today, BODHI is a small enterprise with team of highly skilled printers and dyers and a dedicated group of women who embroider and applique from their homes.

The emphasis is on quality not quantity and a true celebration of Hand Made.

timeless designs, well-crafted and long lasting is our mantra